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The Allis Soho House, is not the local usually cool

A palace built in the early twentieth century exactly in 1907, with the idea then concretised, the idea of making a big factory. A building commissioned by Charles Allis industrial , collector, philanthropist, which was to host one of the largest factories producing leather of Chicago.

Bricks rust on the outside and structure neo classical typical of that which will later become the bedrock of the architecture of Chicago, 6 floors of industrial shed.

A building The Allis (as you might guess took its name from the owner) inside which today is born a local that call cool or trendy is really limiting us likes to define it cozy, we are talking about The Tea Allis Soho House in Chicago (Http://

This Bar, Restaurant, Tea Room, from refined personality with the soul from living room of the house, is located in the West Loop of the city, inside the palazzo Allis, one of the best examples of loft in the industrial design of Chicago.

We easily starting from the Hard Rock Hotel ( Green Line direction Harlem and we went down to Morgan Station, 5 minutes walk and we arrived in front of this little buildings on 6 floors.

The project was commissioned by the Charles Allis to architect Lawrence G. Hallberg, specialized in the planning of factories, which has managed to combine wide spaces with decorative details very very special as a water tower that is located on the roof, which currently is part of the lobby of Soho House Hotel (Https://

It is because The Allis Soho House is located within the chain of Hotel Soho House, present throughout the world.

In 2012 Soho House has purchased the entire palace Allis and began the work of restructuring respecting in full the one that would have been the desire of Charles Allis.

The Allis Soho House as soon as you enter it has suffered as a large living room of the house as we said before, just not to stop at the first impact that would seem a local unapproachable what is beautiful and well cared for in every detail.

A hypnotic atomsfere in this warehouse industrial post of 6 floors reconverted to place artsy overtones from live every hour of the day.

Huge chandeliers of crystals pass through all the loft, a relaxed and welcoming a broad social space as is unfortunately missing in Italy ( or at least are still very few) for meetings, a quick bite, a drink after work or late night cocktails if you want.

A lounge bar with its large windows typical of loft derived from industrial environments from a natural light, very intense and a beautiful view on the road.

Entering on the right you will find a large counter of wood, typical of that taste Deco that pervades the entire Chicago, which acts as a bar and a stairway that brings about what is the part restaurant of The Allis Soho House.

On the left The small corner of leather sofas, velvet tapestry and various create corners of privacy where the passing of time, work, read write everything without that nobody disturbs.

Here in this spacious loft time you can manage as at home and the impression that we have just entered that it is precisely in this way, all those present in the hall are intent to do something as in the living room of the house.

At the bottom of always on the left another staircase leads to the upper floor with tables and sofas where you can enjoy a breakfast, rather than a tea, rather than a brunch.

We opt for a brunch in view of the late hour and we order :

HOUSE GRANOLA greek yoghurt, berries

TWO EGGS ANY STYLE, roasted tomato, avocado, smoked salmon, toasted bread

QUINOA pancakes berries, maple, Strawberry

house fresh juice red apple, carrot, pineapple, ginger, beet, orange, lemon


We spent two hours I and Fabrizio that day within this timeless place and we returned two more times during our stay in Chicago, The Allis Soho House is one of those places which you wouldn’t love, to mark the agenda if advance in Chicago.

Credits: Isabella Talone | Fabrizio Politi

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