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P.O.S.H. A touch of vintage d English in Chicago

Everything is born from a simple question… what gift to my mother?

It is precisely in this way, because the birthday of my mother, fell during the stay in Chicago, precisely on 16 August.

I could bring everything from souvenir more cams of the city, a perfume, or any other thing… but without finding the right gift for a lady of almost 70 years, with a marked taste vintage/French.

Then, as you know, being I and Isa enthusiasts of unusual reality, flea market, of finds vintage where you can find “ancient treasures”, we could not do not find even in the windy city a situation that could be perfect for combine our desire for special notes with an original gift.

And so it is that we stumbled, indeed to tell the truth, lovers of P.O.S.H (Https://

Let us be clear immediately that the name of the shop, does not want to have the classical meaning Anglo-saxon “snob”, indeed, its name derives from the cabs more beautiful that were used in travel between Great Britain and India, ” Port Out , Starboard Home“, meant more or less: to the trip to Port, return to starboard.

Were the right positions for sunbathing in the morning and refreshment in the rest of the day, is going in India that coming back in Great Britain. Were, consequently those multiple requests and for this were reserved to the most important personalities or who had the figures for permettersele. The symbol was printed on the tickets as P.O.S.H.

A vintage touch of England, in Chicago.

But P.O.S.H has not only British influences, but also French, Chinese, Italian… so from all over the world.

This is because the owners are real culturi of flea market, and travel around the world in search of ancient relics, jewelry vintage, old trunks that may contain who knows which treasure, to be then able to sell.

The shop is located in the historical building Tree Studio building in the center of Chicago, was commissioned by a philanthropist Lambert Tree in 1894 and together with his wife did it become a center for artists, sculptors, painters, designers took this palace as their arrears to expose and work.

Among the many artists this building hosted: sculptors as Albin Polasek and John Storrs; illustrators J. Allen St. John; painters Ruth Van Sickle Ford, John Singer Sargent, and Pauline Palmer; and actors such as Peter Falk and Burgess Meredith.

Once inside the shop, walking on the old wooden boards you will realize this passion, passing between the ancient Chinese ceramics, books of Germany pre war, ancient stills that were used medicine.

Everything is pero “surrounded” by a vintage air of the Alps, which we find in every corner, or hung from the walls, with ancient maps, suitcases of skin or very small tin boxes of sweets to the taste of purple which now no longer exist.

We are thus attracted by everything that I and Isa almost we forget to do those things for which we have come. Look for the gift for my mother.

Then trying not to look at what we would like our homes, omitting antique vintage toys, our eye falls on a glass case with inside old jewels of the thirties… pendants earrings, necklaces..

I come immediately attracted by a cuff style Chanel (pretend to know something but in reality I explained the order!) and I imagine it on the wrist of an elegant lady of 70 years… and I find it perfect.

The choice is made … the gift is there.

But we are not able to pay and go away, we continue to find unique pieces, amazing that have a story to tell, even a tea corner where we find the wonderful elixir of Mariage Freres ( you remember on there had spoken Http:// and we continue to see things we are to be able to take away with us…

We are so much in this wonderful store that we went beyond the ‘closing time between a historical relic and a chat with the staff and (name) that are well pleased to meet other lovers of vintage as they are and which make us feel welcomed.

Cut away the disorder promising to let him know if this gift is going well or not, rassicurandoli that would have liked…

According to you my mother the gift is liked?

Credits: Isabella Talone | Fabrizio Politi

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