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Hoxton Hotel, Design and style in the center of Paris

Are you thinking of a weekend in Paris? Or seen that we are approaching, to pass the end of the year?

Whatever the reason that can lead you in this beautiful and dreamy city, I and Fabrizio we have a gem from advise. A hotel that has left us very satisfied and we absolutely recommend.

What are we talking about? Well if you have followed in the last trip to Paris already know, we speak of the Hoxton Hotel Paris (Https://thehox the Ton.com/paris/paris/hotels).

Open from very little in the French capital, we have not lost the opportunity to know him and find out at the first opportunity, the chain of Hotel Hoxton there has always intrigued for style and design, you remember also to Amsterdam we chose their (bit.ly/2waWaLC).

This chain hotel Hoxton is the largest as structure is spread over 5 floors, it has 172 rooms, two picturesque courtyards Rivié, which is a modern brasserie, The Jacques’ Bar, wonderful intimate space to enjoy creative cocktails, a huge lobby that reflects the natural light, all in a point of the city which has now become the most frequented; the Hoxton Paris is located in fact at 32 Rue du Sentier, a former industrial area that has found new life as technological pole of the city.

A hotel particulier of XVIII century revisited thanks to study Humbert & Poyet that it is busy to redesign the 172 rooms recalling in each the grandeur of the building that was in the XVII residence of Etienne Rivié, great diplomat of the epoch, councillor of Louis XV.

All the common areas were managed and redesigned instead of Soho House ( you remember them also our old knowledge of Chicago bit.ly/2vEPLtK ).

The Environments of this structure are really splenditi and cared in every detail, as soon as you enter immediately is wrapped by the first environment the courtyard bar corner with its wooden staircase dating back to the XVIII century which carries on a entresol with views over the whole of the space.


In front, large windows make you a glimpse of the big winter garden, a common space outside where the natural light makes mistress and wooden tables with matching chairs make everything an angle to enjoy in tranquillity perhaps drinking a drink of Jacques’ Bar.

On the right we find the restaurant area the Rivié modern brasserie home Hoxton all completely in wood by wooden flooring Oak Chevron to tables with velvet upholstered chairs that give it a very warm and welcoming, to chandeliers in 1960’s style that make it a cozy environment like me and Fabrizio, made even more evident by reserved corners created inside this Brasserie; corners created with sofas and chairs design located on the sides.

The cuisine that is served here is a kitchen “classic” typical of Parisian bistros revisited with modernity by the chefs, the breakfast is rich and served at the table.

About breakfast as habit of this hotel chain even here there is the free light breakfast bag, envelope that leave you in the room and if you want to leave out the door and their fill with yogurt, banana and freshly squeezed orange juice.

On the upper floor we find the Jacques’ Bar a space that has made us love. Inspired by the Majorelle garden of Marrakech is a resounding angle of design, with a floor in parquet style of Versailles ( to achieve it have used a wood of recovery), wallpaper floral decorative fantastic, lamps with tassels, sofas that alternate between leather and velvet with matching colors between them perfectly.

Here serve exceptional cocktail and this area you can also rent for events or special situations.

But we come to the rooms what then must be the center of a hotel that meets.

Even for the rooms nothing is left to chance, environments are characterized by alternate of wood and laminated, the rooms are extremely current, even if it is well evident that the architect has wanted to keep the ancient taste that characterised the palazzo. The rooms are basic resulting sophisticated and original in every aspect.

Each room has the lamps Lampe Gras, and the dividers in networks of metal, realized with materials typical of the years 50/60 that divide the environment room from the area bathroom/shower. In this regard the showers are a unique spectacle, huge all finished with majolica of unmistakable style and with all the faucets in brass color that makes everything very, very hot. The decor of the rooms is paying homage to two important periods of Parisian history: the end of the nineteenth century and the Fifties, all wisely mixed in a perfect way.

The hotel offers four categories of rooms: Shoebox, Cozy, roomy and biggy. These are distributed over five floors, with those on the ground floor offering high ceilings and bath tubs, while those of the fourth are equipped with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

We hope to have you done intrigue because believe me the hotel is really great there remains another to prove that …

Credits: Isabella Talone | Fabrizio Politi

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