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Hard Rock Hotel “ROCK / DECO” OF CHICAGO

Hard Rock Hotel “Rock / Deco” of Chicago

By child if i thought to America was saying only NY, or Los Angeles… floor then I realized that in the Usa each city is a world if everything to discover and for this we decided with Isa that half this year would have been Chicago.

A city with a historical culture well defined, with European influences, Art Deco architecture and a long history of gangster, prohibitionism, music and art.

As always every time we choose a city, also the choice of the hotel becomes fundamental for us. This city rich of history and architecture has a wide choice from this point of view but we wanted a hotel that was historical but also modern, rock but also “vintage” and then the choice could not that fall on The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago (Http://

Left Rome on the morning of 16 August, landed with the melt noon local time, about 40 minutes of Blue Line and we arrived in the heart of this city.

A moment of lost as soon as you leave the metro to understand where we are and where to go, as every time you arrive in a new city, imbambolati remain before the first impact with the famous loop of Chicago.

The underground high above, typical of this city, celebrated in many films, The Blues Brothers first among all.

Two “isolated” and here we are in front of the hotel. We immediately looked upwards scrutinizing Hard Rock Hotel Chicago up to where our eyes could arrive.

We immediately realized does not have front building as many others, 40 floors for about 150 meters in height. A skyscraper of other times, The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is located inside a building of 1929 and precisely the Carbide & Carbon Building, made of granite emerald color with finishes in gold, representing the maximum Art Deco that characterizes this city.

The legend tells that the form of this building to be guided to a bottle of champagne, where the emerald green represents the glass of the bottle, and finishes in gold represent the foil of the cap.

At its birth the building was created for the offices of the Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, still can be seen on the lower floors and in the ports of entry the initials of the company, and many elements of the original decoration of the epoch that give the hotel a charm of yesteryear making it but also very modern with a perfect mix between its Rock soul and its part Art Deco.

This palace in fact, on 9 May 1996, was appointed Historical Building of Chicago.

In 2004, after a long restoration project and improvements became the seat of the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

The November 16 2007 the city of Chicago has officially recognized the Carbide & Carbon Building as a symbol of the architecture and city skyline illuminating d’oro throughout the building.

A gesture that has made it even more unique to this building, shining all night, doing so feel the inhabitants of Chicago, guests of the hotel to be part of a memorable event and without time.

We enter and we enjoy and suffered this kingdom “Rock/Deco”. The inputs are spacious and elegant with finishes in gold and with so many elements still original period we welcome you just entered, making us feel like inside an American film so long ago. This does not mean that the hotel is old and indeed, the feeling is now that they are able to assist its original core Deco the most modern services to be always in step with the times.

Here before even before entering you breathe strong an energy Rock, who will accompany us throughout our stay. From the music in all clubs, bars, restaurants, up to our room where we found a real turntable to listen to rock classics.

What is so great that we have said just sbrigando were all practices is that you could hire a real guitar fender if we had had a desire to play in total freedom in our room in front of the amazing Skyline of Chicago.

The hotel already from now seems to us to be equipped with everything, suitable for any requirement, for both leisure and work.

Two restaurants, a gym, several Conference Rooms characterized always with the typical style of Hard Rock , a small spa, and at the entrance to a table of Ping Pong. This table has an added value because as he explains Bobby Hirons ( General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago) represents the commitment of the hotel in the foundation Jackson Chance.

A charitable organization for the collection of funds for the rights of children in various hospitals in Chicago, and for their fundraising every year organise precisely a gala evening where illustrious guests, sportsmen, actors, celebrities compete on this table for a common cause.[/vc_column_text]

After the various procedures we arrived finally to our room, the 3403 for the accuracy which means on the 34 floor!!!

A room with 4 windows and double overlooking the skyline of the city and for about 20 minutes has left me and Isa without words imbambolati before this show. An elegant and refined environment, made of dark colors and wood inserts, that allows you to relax to the maximum to tackle to everything that the Windy City has to offer.

Guitars everywhere, the famous turntables turned on and a sitting room, all for us to expect.

The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is in a position to say the least, perfect, central, in perfect center between the Wacker Drive (the road that skirts the river of Chicago) The Millennium Park ,The Pier and the famous Loop (the famous underground high above of Chicago).

We “explored” this hotel in long and wide to you, because you know that we put the face even at the cost of being a little too honest! And we strongly recommend it for the location for the structure and for the services.

We would recommend it for its incredible view that we have been able to exploit to the full, after assailed Bobby Irons for two whole days in fact, we managed to get on the roof top in order to be able to admire the entire city from the top (we wish to clarify that the roof top is not visited but if you happen meet Bobby maybe we can succeed but do not tell that ve we told us).

A great experience that has allowed us to note every corner of Chicago, and also to have a unique point of view, I can confirm…I confirm I Why Isabella was terrified ( suffer from vertigo and is only managed to climb keeping adhered type spider to the cornice).

Chicago was a great surprise and The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago was not to be less, a hotel that is part of the great family of hard rock where professionalism, seriousness, respect and courtesy are the watchwords, and we have benefited to the maximum.

Credits: Isabella Talone | Fabrizio Politi

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