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Amsterdam has its Heritage Hotel

Lacked a few days to departure for Chicago but heat of Rome was really too stressful and then you make for them?

The desire to discover new cities not missing it to me they to Fabrizio and then? Then we decide to visit a city that all and two we had never seen, or better me i had been for a day between a stopover i do not remember where but hey, I didn’t know her.

We decide in haste to spend a few days in Amsterdam.

Travel to organize the entire flight, places to visit, Hotel…

Here Is The Hotel, the essential thing because a good trip functions. After various research, we opt for a very particular The Hoxton Amsterdam (Https:// that we want you to tell because we found it beautiful.

Arrived at the airport reach the city is easy with the direct Intercity that brings us to the Station of Amsterdam Centraal, the day is a little cloudy but we decide to arrive however the hotel on foot. Too curious to see just what we can offer this city.

Ten minutes walk between one channel and the other and arrive at Dam Square at the heart of this city, 5 minutes yet another channel and hence we are here on the Herengracht 255, and The Hoxton Amsterdam is before us.

Ten minutes walk between one channel and the other and arrive at Dam Square at the heart of this city, 5 minutes yet another channel and hence we are here on the Herengracht 255, and The Hoxton Amsterdam is before us.

Five red houses dating back to the XVII century, one next to the other, one time residence of the mayor, overlook the canal and constitute what is now The Hoxton Amsterdam. Already the outside is a marvel, with these windows and these open spaces inside. We enter and is immediately love, we made the right choice… Carry out quickly all recordings and we go to see the room intrigued by the beautiful atmosphere that was already in the ” Hall “.

Let us go up to the 4 floor of 5 total, we cross a floor with a carpet optical and wooden walls that alternate with lacquered walls, and finally enter into this room which is a small jewel.

Every detail is taken care of in the least details, a welcome written to pen as it was a time of delicious biscuits with butter and jam to nibble immediately, a facing that directly on the channel, a view sunset side from losing his head.

A bed with a back in the skin that resumes the chair and a huge mirror in three colors that creates light games unusual in room, telephone and chandelier with mood years 60 make the room a true object of Design.

We descend in the lobby and also here everything really is treated in detail. A wide room creates spaces that give a sense of privacy by sofas one different from the other, leather, velvet, canvas, alternate and create contrasts of light and colors.

A wooden staircase to the central scroll port on a mezzanine where has been recreated a coffee corner and cocktail bar with a small library and the sofas here also create meeting points, corner where you can spend relaxing moments, wide windows overlooking the canal are entering a wonderful light.

The whole hotel has a flavor Heritage and also the restaurant The Lotti’s (Https://, not denied, wooden tables and leather chairs corner sofas lined with velvet and colored cushions from earth tones give a sense of welcome single and in fact we decide the first evening to dine here.

Try a little Dutch flavors, tasting:

a sort of contour with red carrots Dukkah and yoghurt sumac, a fillet steak with contour of green asparagus and Bianchi, onion and potato poffertje and rosemary, of salmon with vegetables and black bread rye typical Dutch.

As sweet we choose a cheesecake with chocolate and a selection of cheeses that here also use as a sweet.

One thing very nice this hotel is the free light breakfast bag, envelope that leave you in the room and if you want to leave out the door and their fill with yogurt, banana and fresh orange juice for serene at bay languor before breakfast.

Breakfast that here in hotel and varied assaggiamo us a bit of everything in the days of stay but the thing that we remained the most are its eggs served with toasted bread white, brown and avocado tost with poached eggs avocado oil, chili pepper, coriander, toasted bread.

A very special place that the hotel offers as a service is a ” Apartment ” (Https:// that you can use for events meetings or celebrations that you can safely book and reserve. The apartment is a concept very innovative and sincerely is the first time that we happen to see him in a hotel. A place of meeting for events ,a private space for a working lunch in the center, which has four rooms differently designed to meet everything from an intimate dinner with friends to networking sessions.

A central hotel which has allowed us to move practically always walk to the city, a cozy place and design. The taste of a heritage that could not that do not make us fall in love with this place.

If you decide to make a quantum leap in Amsterdam save The Hoxton Amsterdam a jewel heritage in the heart of the city.

Credits: Isabella Talone | Fabrizio Politi

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